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Temporary Graduate 485  Review Service

Temporary Graduate 485
Visa Application Review Service

Take the stress out of your TR application

Many international students choose to prepare and submit their Temporary Graduate 485 visa applications themselves.

With the cost of a Migration Agent or Lawyer preparing the application averaging $1,500 - it is understandable why!

However, one small mistake can be the difference between receiving your new work visa or receiving a devastating refusal or invalid application letter.

So, how can we help? International Student Australia has partnered with Beyond Migration (MARA 1384490), a respected migration consultancy based in Melbourne. Their Document Review Service is a hybrid service whereby you prepare the application, then a member of their team reviews what you have prepared, ensuring nothing is missing or has been completed incorrectly.


The review gives you confidence that you are submitting a 'decision-ready' application for your case officer.

The Review Service Includes:

TR Application Review Service

Visa Application Data Review

  • Is an information missing?

  • Have you answered any answers incorrectly?

  • Do you need to strengthen any answers?

Document Review

  • Are you missing any documents?

  • Does each documents meet the specific requirement?

  • Will adding additional evidence strengthen your case?



Once you have purchased the review service, you will receive clear directions on how to submit your documents & visa draft to the migration lawyer assessing your application.

The process includes a 15-minute ZOOM meeting to share findings, make recommendations and provide any additional advice.

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