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Sunset on the Beach

About Us

Living & studying in another country is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. 


Doing it in Australia, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, makes it extra special.

Our Founder

Our founder, Lesley Rogan, is a citizen of Ireland, Canada & Australia. Aside from her education in Toronto, she studied as an international student in France, Australia, Guatemala & Ecuador, and has additionally lived for extended periods in South Korea & England. Having been to over 80 countries, at the age of 28, she made the decision to apply for skilled migration to Australia. One year later she was a new skilled migrant Down Under.

Lesley Rogan - Founder of International Student Australia

"During the year I spent studying a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching at Western Sydney University, I fell more and more in love with Australia. The beautiful climate, amazing natural environment & outdoor lifestyle of Aussies was a great fit for me. As a Canadian, one of the highlights was not having to shovel snow! Australia has given me so many wonderful opportunities, and I understand why every single person who studies or migrates to Australia has the same goal I had. I value being any small part of helping others with their next step."

Trust - Our Principle Focus

Deciding to study, work or move to Australia is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.  It can also be one of the most confusing.  There is so much to know and are so many options to consider.  Many companies provide advice & support; including education agents, migration agents, migration lawyers, and a multitude of websites - spread around the world.  For this reason, it can be very difficult to understand whose advice you can trust to be reliable, current, and most importantly, in your best interest.


International Student Australia aims to provide clear, up-to-date, and reliable information during the lifecycle of an international student.  We have partnered with trusted and respected education institutions, businesses and professionals who can provide the right service at the right time.

Our Services

We are continuously adding valuable and informative information to support international students through their journey. 


Whether you are still considering what to study in Australia, have started studying and are looking for assistance with work or accommodation, or are about to graduate and need help with your next visa step, we provide advice and clarity, and make professional recommendations on who can assist you.

Our current focus is as an education agency placing students into Australian education programs, but we can also recommend migration lawyers who can assist with other visa categories. 

If you don't find the information you need on our website, please contact us so we can connect you with the right person or organisation for further assistance.

Students Going Upstairs
I urgently needed to get a student visa and I was really stressed out I wasn't even sure I could get one, but Lesley helped me everything to get the visa. She is THE BEST agent!

Rina Luchi, Canada

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