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Courses on the CRICOS registry

CRICOS-Registered Courses

CRICOS Courses for a Student Visa

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CRICOS Australia lists the courses that make international students eligible to apply for an Australian student visa (subclass 500).


The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) is a government register.

It provides a list of all education providers (high schools, colleges & universities), and their courses, which are approved for international students.


If an education provider is not on the list, they can only teach to domestic students (meaning local Australians).

Institutions in the list have met the requirements & standards set by the Australian government.

In addition, each course that they deliver to international students must also be approved.

How do I know if a course is CRICOS-registered?

It can be very frustrating to find the perfect course, but then find out it is not available to international students.

When you are looking at an education provider's website, you should see a CRICOS Provider Code at the bottom (footer) of the website.  If you do not see one, it likely means they only teach domestic students. Here is an example:

CRICOS Provider Code example

How to Search for CRICOS Courses

An experienced and knowledgeable education agent has access to all of the courses you could be considering.

However, you can also do your own CRICOS course search.

Be aware that the pricing you see on the CRICOS website is often not up-to-date, or scholarship offers are not included.

Also be aware that even though a course is listed in the CRICOS registry, it does not guarantee that the education provider is currently delivering it.

How to use the registry:


  • Select Courses

  • Select the Australian State in which you will study

  • Add the course keywords/name - it may require a few different variations to find the course name you are interested in.

  • Select the level of education

  • Click on Start Search

You will then see a list of the education providers that you can investigate for that course.


Click here to search the CRICOS website for course ideas.

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