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Become an International Student

Study in Australia

Become an International Student

Becoming an international Student is a complicated process. We share everything you need to know to make the right choice and put your plans together.


Our 100% free education agency & International Student services include helping you decide on the perfect course for your goals and budget, managing the enrolment paperwork, and making sure everything is ready for you to  submit your student visa application. We will also support you through any issues for the entire time your study. There a lot to do, so let us do what we do best! Connect for consultation to get the ball rolling.

International Student Australia Courses

Courses for International Students

What can I study in Australia?

From a certificates all the way to a PhD, Australian offer 1000s of courses for international students

Education Agency for International Students

Education Agency

How can an International Student Education Agency help me?

We explain what an education does, and how to find a good one.

Steps to become an International Student in Australia

Become an International Student

Where do I start? It is a very complicated process! From deciding what to study to submitting the 500 visa application - we explain it all.

Student Visa subclass 500 explained

Student Visa (subclass 500)

Understand the rules & requirements of a student visa, and see if you are eligible to apply to become an International Student

Questions & Answers for International Students

Your Questions Answered

Tuition fees, student visa work rights, application documents - there are many parts to the international student study puzzle. We can help.

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