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Steps to become an International Student

How to Become an International Student

Steps to Studying in Australia

The process for enrolling an Australian school, college, or is affected by the level of education you are studying & your passport nationality. The Department of Home Affairs considers the economic, political, and social circumstances of your country. This RISK-LEVEL (1 = low risk, 2 = medium risk, 3 = high risk) dictates the detail of documentation you must present.

Career/Course Consultation

An experienced education agent will help you identify career paths that suit your interests, work experience and educational background. It is important to stay on top of job trends and make the best choice for your future. If the agent does not ask about your background, find another one!

Select your Course

More than 1,100 Australian institutions offer 1000s of 'CRICOS-registered' courses to international students. Where do you start?! Based on the counselling session and your circumstances, your consultant will guide you through this huge selection, helping you find the best course to suit your budget & study location.

Apply for Admission

Once you have decided what to study and where, the paperwork begins. Be ready, there is a lot of it! Your education agent will assist you to complete the application form and collect the required documentation. This will include a colour scan of your passport, education transcripts/completion certificates translated into English, and other documentation such as your current visa grant letter if you are applying while in Australia. You may have to demonstrate sufficient funds to cover tuition & living costs, and your level of English through a test such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Your education agent will discuss whether or not these will be required by the education provider.

Letter of Offer

When you are accepted, the college will issue a Letter of Offer. This is the official contract with the student. When ready, the student signs the contract, and pays the deposit for the course.

Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE)

Depending on courses you are taking, you will receive one or more CoEs (ie. Certificate IV + Diploma = 2 eCoEs). The CoE is the official evidence of enrolment to begin the student visa application process.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

A requirement of the visa, you must purchase OSHC for the length of the visa. It must be purchased in full before you submit the application. A small number of countries are exempt from this requirement, and your education agent will discuss

Apply for the Visa

As per the 500 subclass Visa application you will prove to the Department form affairs that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) - in Australia to study and then going home. You will use the same documents that you use for the enrolment process. Your education agent/migration agent/migration will assist you with this process. Some applicants will be required to do an interview and/or health assessment.

Visa Grant

If you apply while you are in Australia, you will remain on your current or bridging visa until you receive the visa grant. If you apply from outside Australia, it is best not to make travel arrangements until you have received your visa grant.

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