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Australian Visa Application Services

Australian Visa Application Services

Visa Application Professional Support

A visa refusal is devastating.  Not only have you spent  a lot of money on the application (Australia has  some of the most expensive visa application fees in the world), are you now missing out on your opportunities in Australia.  In addition, you will be required to report the refusal in future visa applications for other countries. Professional visa support reduces theses risks.

Preparing and submitting a successful Australian visa application requires planning & attention to detail.  There are many reasons why a visa might be refused:

  • not being eligible in the first place

  • uploading the wrong documents

  • getting the wrong skills assessment

  • not passing a police check

  • not having evidence of the required English level

  • applying for the wrong visa subclass

  • not disclosing a criminal history

  • failing the health exam

  • plus many, many more reasons

Every visa application has different requirements, and your case officer may not allow you to change incorrect documents or information once your application is in process. Sadly, this will likely result in a negative outcome.

Aside from the application itself, many international students and graduates to not put themselves on the right path in the first place. From the day you decide what course to study, you are making a decision on your future opportunities.

For example, an Advanced Diploma of Information Technology may get you a student visa for 2 years,  but a Bachelor of Information Technology (at certain education providers), may make you eligible for a the 4-year Extended  Temporary Graduate Visa at the end of your course. With a bachelor, you may also be on a pathway to skilled migration (of course every situation is different).


For this reason, you may consider a consultation with the migration agent who can help you put together a study & work plan which will help you reach your goals.

We are in the process of creating more services, but you can take advantage of the current visa services we have available below. You can also send an inquiry to our team, and we will let you know how we can help.

Graduate Visa Application Support

Graduate Visa - Do-It-Yourself

The TR Visa is straightforward, but there is a lot to add. Make sure you are submitting a complete & clear visa application.

Book of Laws

$165 Zoom Consultation

Discuss your situation and goals with a professional & trusted migration lawyer.  Plan well with the end in goal mind.

Free Consultation

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