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Business Courses for International Students

International Student Business Courses

Study Business in Australia

As an international student, you can study a range of business courses to suit all levels of experience. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses, including Business Analytics and Business Administration.

During your studies, you will gain an understanding of management & leadership skills in English-speaking culture. The courses are designed to develop your business knowledge and confidence, and equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in the global market.

Masters of Business Administration Courses


A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is valuable in in the corporate world.

Business Analytics Courses

Business Analytics

Gain one of the most globally in-demand business skills.

Leadership and Management Courses

Leadership & Management

Develop soft skills that build confidence in any business situation.

Business Courses

Business - General

Any job you perform will benefits from business fundamentals.


Study a Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) from an Australian private college or university provides international students with a comprehensive education that covers all the skills and expertise needed to succeed in the business world. An MBA helps build the knowledge and confidence needed to make a real difference in any industry.

A Master of Business and Administration, known as an MBA, teaches the framework of business management. Students receive a snapshot of the functions of each part of the business including marketing, risk, finance, and human resources. You will get exposure to many case studies from Australian businesses.

These are some of the subject matter you can expect to study:

  • operations management

  • marketing

  • finance

  • human resources

  • accounting

  • strategic management

  • leadership

  • organisational behaviour

  • ethics

  • data analytics

Many Australian colleges and universities include a specialisation of your choice. For example, project management, tourism and hospitality leadership, health services management, international leadership, or entrepreneurship, to give you some examples.


An MBA program will often include an unpaid internship.


An MBA also includes the option to apply for the 3-year Post-Study Work Stream of the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) Visa upon completion.


With an MBA program, you can start your journey to success today. Prices range from $20,000 for a private college to $45,000 at a public university.

An MBA helps build the knowledge and confidence needed to make a real difference in any industry.

Study business as an international student

Would you like to learn more about business studies in Australia ?

Business Analytics

Study Business Analytics

Business analytics is an in-demand skill globally, and studying it in Australia can open up a world of opportunities. The main role of a business analyst is to determine the main business question that needs to be asked at that time. Then, using software to analyse statistics and data, brings an easy to understand presentation back to the team so they can make informed business decisions.


With an extended graduate visa from a Bachelor or Masters, international students may be able to stay in Australia and apply their knowledge to the workforce with the Post-Study Work Stream of the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) Visa.


A Bachelor or Masters in Business Analytics, costing around $18,000-$25,000/year can bring a starting salary of up to $120,000, making it a great option for those looking for a high-paying career. However, entry level Diplomas are also available for around $6,000/year.

Depending on the level of education you choose, topics in the program may include:

  • fundamentals of business analytics

  • statistics and probability

  • data visualisation

  • data management

  • predictive & prescriptive analytics

  • understanding big data

  • machine learning and AI

  • business intelligence


Please note: One of the fundamental requirements of a good business analyst good is communication skills.

Study Leadership & Management

Leadership & Management

Leadership and Management courses focus on developing your understanding of how to lead individual people and teams. You will also explore the efficient and effective management of business operations.

Course options for international students include:

  • Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

  • Diploma of Leadership and Management

  • Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

  • Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

  • Master of Leadership and Management - this is only offered in specific disciplines such as Health and Education


Depending on the level of education you study, the topics you will study may or may not include:

  1. Leadership Theory & Styles

  2. Organisational Behaviour

  3. Strategic Management

  4. Operations Management

  5. Human Resources Management

  6. Project Management

  7. Financial Management

  8. Change Management

  9. Leading with Ethics

  10. Communicating in Business

Tuition fees range from $6,000 per year for a Diploma of Leadership and Management, up to $49,000 a year for a Master of Health Leadership and Management.

Graduates from a Bachelor or Masters may be eligible for the Post-Study Work Stream of the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) Visa.

Study Business - General

Business General

Australia has a great reputation in the business world, so it’s a great place to study as an international student. Whether you’re working for someone else, starting your own small business, or moving up in the corporate world, understanding the business fundamentals will always serve you.

Whether you’re studying a Certificate or Diploma at the Vocational Education and Training (VET) level, or a Bachelor, Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma, Masters, or PhD, there is a course for you. 100s of colleges & universities offer courses, ranging from $6,000 per year up to $55,000 per year; of course depending on your level of education and the reputation of the education provider.

No matter what you study, you will be gaining an understanding of the principles, theory, and fundamentals of the business world. Topics might include:

  • business theory

  • marketing

  • finance & accounting

  • management

  • operations

  • human resources (HR)

  • risk

  • strategy

  • ethics

  • sustainability

Graduates from a Bachelor or Masters may be eligible for the Post-Study Work Stream of the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) Visa.

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