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Living in Australia as an International Student

Living in Australia
as an International Student

International Student Lifestyle

Living in a foreign country as an international student is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. There are many personal and professional benefits including:

  • interacting in a new culture

  • gaining an international qualification

  • developing your language skills

  • career opportunities

  • developing your independence

  • networking with fellow students from around the world

  • traveling around the country

  • becoming a more resilient & adaptable person

  • building a new perspective on your own culture


But of course, it's not all sunshine & roses! Many students experience challenges including:

  • homesickness

  • culture shock

  • social isolation & loneliness

  • financial stress

  • racism

  • difficulties finding work

  • language struggles

In this section of the website we share information on preparing for life in Australia, and guide you through your new home for a few years.

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