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Transferring Courses or Colleges

Changing Your Course or Education Provider 

Transfer to another Course or College

  • Is you college or university closing down?

  • Did you select the wrong course?

  • Is your education provider no longer offering your course?

There are many reasons why a student visa-holder might transfer to another institution.  It is possible to change, but there are rules that you must follow

​Please connect for further information if you need to find a new college or university, or you want to upgrade to a higher Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level of education (ie. Diploma to Bachelor).

My college is shutting down


If your college is closing or they are cancelling your course, this could be the perfect time to upgrade to a higher level of education without affecting your 500 visa. Connect for a free consultation.


Need some advice? 

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Transferring to a new college on an Australian student visa

What  are the Rules for Transferring?

You are allowed to change courses on the same visa when you:


Meet the 6-Months of Study Rule

Once you have completed 6 months of your principle course (the main course for which your visa was granted), you should be eligible for a release from your education provider. Unless you get a release, not other institution can issue a new CoE.


Maintain study at the same Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level or higher

If you change courses, you can remain on the same visa as long as you are studying at the same level of education or higher. 

If you drop to a lower level (ie. from a Bachelor to a Diploma), you must apply for a new visa, unless you still hold a CoE for the higher level course. 

This is generally not recommended.

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