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Homestay Accommodation for International Students

Homestay Accommodation for International Students

Find a home with an Australian Family

Moving to Australia is a big & scary change!

Across the country, many families open their homes to International Students for weeks, or even years. This provides a great way to feel welcome, and have a comfortable place to start your new student life.


Homestay is renting a room in the home of a family (or it could be a single person). Meals may or may not be included as the student chooses.


This is very popular with ELICOS (English) students who tend to come to Australia for a short period of time. However, it is also great for students taking longer courses who need a place to begin their housing journey.

Benefits of this homestay accommodation include:


  • short or long-term accommodation options

  • less commitment (no lease agreement)

  • affordable

  • guidance by your host family on life in Australia

  • safety

  • can be arranged before arriving in Australia

  • ongoing English practice with family

  • no cooking if you have meals included

Negatives of  homestay accommodation may include:


  • lack of privacy

  • distance to class may not be ideal

  • sharing facilities like bathrooms & kitchen space

  • possible cultural misunderstandings

  • possible communication issues

  • quality of home (though this should not be the case)

  • strict family rules

  • dislike of food selection if meals included

What is life like in a Homestay?
Watch the video to find out!

Australian Homestay Network
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Weekend Family Lunch
Weekend Family Lunch

Finding Homestay Accommodation

Many trusted organisations manage homestay options.


Prices average $250-300 per week for a room, plus approximately $100 a week for food (depending on the number of meals you choose).

Here are some population options in Australia:

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