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'Purpose-Built for Students' Housing

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)

Many students dream of 'dorm life', living in a dynamic student environment. Australian dormitories can be located on-campus or off-campus (generally close by).

Benefits of this type of accommodation include:

  • community environment

  • built-in in social life

  • safety

  • study partners

  • close to the campus services & classes

  • easy to make friends

  • may be cost-effective, depending on the facility

  • cultural diversity

Negatives of this type of accommodation include:

  • lack of privacy

  • noise

  • there may be a lack of space

  • flues & virus spread more rapidly

  • may be expensive, depending on the facility

  • peer pressure / partying

  • sharing facilities like bathrooms & kitchen space

Apartment Complex

Finding Purpose-Built Student Accommodation

PBSAs tend to be in large towers located off campus, and are open to students from any education provider/institution. 


They are often shared, fully-furnished apartments, with each student having their own room. However cheaper options include a bunk bed, sharing a room with another student.

Prices average $300-600 per week, depending on the option you choose.

Here are some population options in Australia:

Capital Student Stays (Adelaide)

Dwell Student Living (Adelaide, Melbourne)

Iglu (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney)

Scape Student Living (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney)

Student One (Brisbane)

The Switch (Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth)

UniLodge (Multiple locations - including regional)

Y Suites (Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney)

Yugo (Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth)

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