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Major changes coming to 485 Temporary Graduate Visa (TR Visa)

Updated: Jan 22

This is not good new for many current or future international students in Australia.

The 485 Temporary Graduate Visa will be undergoing significant changes. Expect all the changes to be implemented before July 2024. Here are some of the changes that we are aware of. Please take into account that nothing can be confirmed until published on the Department of Home Affairs website.

  1. Maximum age of applications will decrease from 50 years old to 35 years old

  2. Length of visa will be reduced in some cases:

    1. Bachelor - 2 years - staying the same

    2. Masters by Coursework - 2 years - decreasing from 3 years

    3. Masters by Research - 3 years - staying the same

    4. PhD - 3 years - decreasing from 4 years

  3. English requirement increasing. Test score must be the equivalent of IELTS (General or Advanced) 6.5 overall - increasing from 6.0

  4. The recently launched extended post-study work rights (based on what you studied and where) will be removed

  5. Graduate Visa holders will no longer be allowed to re-apply for a student visa

Due to the new free trade agreement, we understand Indian graduates will be be exempt from the visa length changes - to be confirmed. The other TR Visa changes will still be applicable.

There is industry pressure for current student visa holders to be exempt from the changes (known as 'grandfathering'). The reason being, post-study work rights was part of the reason many students chose Australia as their study destination. We hope this will be the case.

Please note that this is not migration advice. We are sharing what has been reported in various news websites.

Major changes coming to 485 Temporary Graduate Visa (TR Visa) in 2024
485 Temporary Graduate Visa (TR Visa) changes 2024

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