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My course is not eligible for the Extended Graduate Visa - what should I do?

Updated: Jan 29

PLEASE BE AWARE: Although this rule was only announced in July 2023, it is highly likely the extended version of the Graduate Visa will no longer be available very soon. However, they may 'grandfather' the rule for current visa holders. We are waiting for updates on the topic. (grandfathering = an old rule continues for some existing cases, but a new rule will apply for future cases)

Original Article:

Many international students were frustrated and angry due to their courses and educatio

n providers being left out of the List of courses eligible for extended post-study work rights document (released in June, 2023).

Not surprisingly, there are reports of students transferring education providers in order to qualify for the extended graduate visa.

Like the students, many education providers are also upset that they had been left out.

We understand that there is a review of the course list currently underway, and an updated list may be released in coming months.

At this point, we do not recommend changing your course or education provider. It is wise to wait a few months to see if anything changes before making such a big decision.

However, if you are concerned about your circumstance, please contact us for a free consultation.

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