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Carpenter at Work

International Student Carpentry Courses

Study an Australian Certificate III in Carpentry

One of the highest paid trades workers, According to, carpenters earn an average of $AUD 70,000 per year.

The Certificate III in Carpentry is a Vocational Education & Training (VET) course taught in Australia to both international and domestic students. The course will provide students with the technological knowledge and practical skills to work as a carpenter.

Carpentry is one of the most popular and versatile trade courses for student visa holders. In Australia carpenters are often referred to as Chippies (because of the wood chips). Carpentry is required both indoors and outdoors, on old buildings and new buildings, in furniture making, cabinetry, and flooring. Carpenters are responsible for the construction, installation and upkeep of frameworks and buildings using wood and often other materials. Carpenters are even required in the construction of bridges and freeways.

​International students can study Certificate III in Carpentry, but can also continue into the Certificate IV in Carpentry. However, most students complete the Certificate III, and as long as they have met the Australian study requirement, are eligible to apply for the graduate visa to start gaining valuable Australian work experience as a carpenter.


Note: International students are not eligible to study as an apprentice. That is for domestic students only (permanent residents and citizens).

​Carpentry courses for Australian international students range from $AUD 22,000-$AUD 30,000, depending on the city and institution. Colleges allow students to pay their tuition in instalments, and a work placement of 360 hours is often included in the training package.


What will I learn in the Certificate III in Carpentry?

These are the fundamentals of what you study in the program:

  1. Using carpentry equipment & tools, including hand & power tools, and safety gear such as helmets.

  2. Understanding building materials, including wood, composite woods, and metals, and knowing when they are the best choice for each project.

  3. Construction techniques for the different parts of a building project, like framing, flooring, and roofing.

  4. Drawing and specification training teaches the reading and interpretation of construction drawings and specifications, needed for any project.

  5. Safety Training ensures carpenters are aware of hazards on site and how to prevent accidents.

  6. Estimation skills ensure budget, material & labour costs and costs and project timing are well through and presented for any job.

  7. Australian building code training ensures that all work complies with legal requirements and laws.

Most international student carpentry courses include a 360-hour work placement, the opportunity to gain hand-on experience ‘on the tools’. This is also a requirement of the 485 Graduate Work Stream Visa.  

Once a graduate holds the certificate III, they can seek work as a carpenter, contractor, or even a supervisor in the Australian building and construction industry.

Study a Certificate III in Carpentry

Want to study to be a carpenter in Australia?

485 Graduate Work Stream Visa

Many graduates will be eligible to apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485 - Graduate Work Stream after a minimum of 92 weeks of study.


This 1.5 year visa will give you time to get the work experience required to have the potential for skilled migration under the role Carpenters and Joiners - ANZSCO 3312.

We advise your organise a consultation with a migration agent/lawyer to understand your options after being a student.

Plan with your end goal already clear.

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