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Trade Courses for International Student

International Student Trade Courses

Study a Trade Course in Australia

Trade courses in the building sector are very popular with international students. “Tradies” are in demand and generally earn a good salary. After graduating, it may be possible to qualify for a 485 Graduate Visa - Graduate Work Stream, get sponsored, or even qualify for skilled migration. As always, you are encouraged to consult with a migration agent or migration lawyer about long options after graduating with a trade qualification.

Please note: International students are not eligible to study apprenticeships in Australia. They are not registered for student visas.

Trade Courses & the 485 Temporary Graduate Work Stream Visa

Many graduates will be eligible to apply for the 485 Graduate Work Stream Visa after a minimum of 92 weeks of study in one of many trade courses. This 1.5 year visa will give you time to get the work experience required to have the potential for sponsorship or even skilled migration as a trades worker.

Many students have the additional goal of achieving skilled migration through the course they study in Australia.

We advise you to consult with a migration agent/lawyer to understand your options after being a student.

We can recommend a very knowledgeable migration lawyer who provides a 45-minute Zoom consultation for $165. It is great value for money! Email us for more information.


Plan with the end goal in mind.

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