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Certificate III in Painintg & Decorating for International Students

International Student
Painting Courses

Study a Certificate III in Painting & Decorating

Do you have an artistic flair? The Certificate III in Painting & Decorating could be the perfect course for you. Qualifying you as a Painting Trades Worker, painters can work in a domestic or commercial setting painters, apply paint, wallpaper & other materials to interior and exterior surfaces. The course also trains students to use scaffolding, work with colours, and understand related materials. Whether you want to paint giant buildings, or create a perfect interior as a designer, there are many opportunities with this qualification.


According to, in 2023 carpenters earn an average of $AUD 65,000 per year, and there is a +2.9% projection for job growth over the next 5 years.


The Certificate III in Painting & Decorating is generally one of the most affordable trade courses to study on a student visa. Depending on the city, you can expect the tuition to be between AUD$18,000-$22,000 for a 2-year program. Tuition is paid in instalments, generally monthly or every three months. These courses have regular intakes so you can jump into a program most months, depending on the institution.


As this course can currently result in a 485 Graduate Visa as a Painting Trades Worker. Graduates have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the Australian building industry.

What will I learn in the Certificate III in Painting & Decorating?

These are the fundamentals the course:

  1. Understanding colour theory is an overview of the principles of colour. This includes primary/secondary/tertiary/complimentary/analogous colours, understanding warm and cool colours and tones, colour harmony, value, and saturation. A painter learns how colours interact and how to use them for various effects.

  2.  Preparing surfaces includes cleaning, sanding, and priming.

  3.  Painting techniques including using rollers paintbrushes and sprays on various surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

  4.  Wallpaper application involves the removal and installation of wallpaper.

  5.  Decorative finishes include texture coating, marbling effects, and faux paint techniques.

  6.  Health & Safety is extremely important in painting and decorating due to the use of ladders and working on outdoor structures. Training includes the safe use of tools and equipment, handling materials that are hazardous, and general safety in the workplace.

  7.  Estimating and quoting training ensures the correct estimation of the cost of the job, including the paint and materials, timing, and putting together quotes.

  8.  Plans and specifications training ensures that painters are comfortable reading and interpreting building and decorating plans, often alongside plans by an architect or designer.

  9.  Business skills are generally built into the program in order that painters can run their own small businesses. Topics include bookkeeping, marketing, and budgeting.

Most international student painting & decorating courses include a 360-hour work placement, the opportunity to gain hand-on experience ‘on the tools’. This is also a requirement of the 485 Graduate Work Stream Visa.  

With a Certificate III In Painting and Decorating, graduates can generally work as a residential or commercial painter and decorator, and industrial painter, partner with an interior designer. Many painters are self-employed contractors.

Certificate III in Painint & Decorating for International Students

Want to study to be a painter & decorator in Australia?

485 Graduate Work Stream Visa

Many graduates will be eligible to apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485 - Graduate Work Stream after a minimum of 92 weeks of study.


This 1.5 year visa will give you time to get the work experience needed to have the potential for skilled migration as a Painting Trades Worker - ANZSCO 3322

We advise your organise a consultation with a migration agent/lawyer to understand your options after being a student.

Start with your goal in mind.

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